Black Powder Rifle Silhouette

Matches are held the first Saturday of each month. Cast bullets and 100% black powder required.

Match Day Schedule: Registration begins at 7:30am. Sight in practice time begins at 8:00am or after all the animals are set up and painted. Match begins at 9:00am

Entry Fees: $20.00 Match Fee; $13.00 Score Book Fee (only once a year)

Match Director: Arnold Moos
(209) 210-3752

On August 1, 2009, Arnie Moos was presented a beautiful walnut cleaning box in appreciation of his tireless dedication and continuing service as Match Director.

The box was built and presented by Pat Connon, Scott Seaton and from all the BPCR Gang.

Our thanks to Arnie!

Arnie Receiving Gift
Arnie opening his gift with Pat Connon looking on.

Walnut Cleaning Box
A beautiful gift for Arnie's dedication to the BPCRS team.