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Junior Smallbore Program

Matches run from April to September, weather permitting.

Purpose: To teach firearms safety and marksmanship and to introduce young shooters to competitive shooting.

Juniors are those who are 17 or younger may participate and shoot for free. Rifles, mats, scopes, targets, ear & eye protection, and ammunition will be available to juniors to use for free, supplied by Folsom Shooting Club. Shooters are welcome to use their own equipment if they have it. All rifles must be .22 caliber Rimfire.

This program is not a "travel team," rather it is designed as an introduction to basic marksmandhip and safety. This is a family event where the whole clan is welcome and encouraged to attend. Come ready to help with set up, tear down, scoring, coaching and learning. This is a 100% volunteer operation, and everyone is needed to make it successful.

Sign up for the match will start at 8 a.m. Shooting will begin at 9 o'clock and continue until all shooters have shot.

Matches are held on the third Saturday of the month.

Course of Fire:

Will be shot on the 50 Foot A17 Smallbore Target (10 bulls and one sighting bull.)

Shooters will have 20 minutes to shoot their sighting shots and 10 groups of 2 shots.

All shooting will be done from the prone position. A front rest is allowed (but no bipods).

Shooters are encouraged to learn the use of a sling.

Scoped rifles are allowed.

Shooters will earn points towards the Winchester/NRA Light Rifle qualification program. Awards and certificates are issued as shooters complete the required courses of fire.

We are always looking for coaches to come out and help the kids. Help pass on the tradition and rights that we given to you, help a youngster to learn a life long skill. Coaches that come out and help will earn time credit towards their working class membership dues. The club also pays for your range fee for the rest of the day, so you can sitck around and practice for the rest of the day on us. You can't lose!

Call range office for information regarding this match (916) 354-9668.

Folsom Shooting Club Youth Shooting Program

The roster for the Folsom Shooting Club Youth Shooting Program is now open. Priority will be given to prior year shooters returning to the program. Remaining slots are filled on a first come, first served basis. Our first shoot will be the third Saturday of April or May, weather dependant. Kids don't want to lay down on a concrete slab and shiver, it's not fun and we want them to have fun. Enroll your chil(ren) by completing the signup sheet. A wait list for the year will be formed once we are full. If a shooter drops out or the squad is expanded, new members will be added from this list. Please downlod and fill out the permission slip and the registration form and bring with you to the range or scan and email to Jim Bass

Junior/Senior Smallbore

Junior/Senior Smallbore

Junior/Senior Smallbore

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