The Shady Ladies

a Member Shooting Discipline of Folsom Shooting Club, Inc.

The new California Shady Ladies of Sloughhouse, California is a SASS-affiliated club organized by women for women, but we're not here to separate the guys from the gals. Our mission is to create a fun and supportive Cowboy Action Shooting venue for women of all skill levels, from newbies to champions. Goals include the following:

To encourage, educate and mentor women to gain experience and improve skills through participation in a no-pressure environment through practice and/or instructional sessions. In addition to assisting the new or novice lady shooters, current cowgirls can work toward attaining higher competitive skill levels.

To organize workshops and special events based on the interests of the membership, such as, offering Range Officer classes, firearm safety classes, inviting guest instructors, fun theme matches, etc.

Alternate regular monthly matches with practice days - hold regular matches on even months that are open to all cowboy shooters and on odd months, hold practice days where women would utilize half of the range with coaching and assistance available by other experienced lady shooters or guest instructors. Cowboys will have the other half of the range available for their practice.

Membership is gonna be "cowgirls only" but we look forward to having the cowboys join us at the monthly matches. We can also be contacted at