Membership & Range Fees

Public Ranges:

  • Rifle - 300 yard, 11 positions shaded
  • Rifle - 100 yard, 52 positions covered
  • Pistol - 50 yard, 24 positions covered
  • Rim Fire (.22 caliber) - reactive target range, 8 positions covered
  • Shotgun - 4 Trap, 2 Skeet, 5 Stand Sporting Clays

Range Map
For more information about each range click the range map.

Member Ranges:

  • Action Pistol
  • Pistol Silhouette
  • 100 Meter Rifle
  • 1000 Yard Rifle
  • NRA
  • Rifle Silhouette
  • 200 Yard Rifle

Member Range Rental and Use Policy

Range Prices

Range fees vary from range to range. Membership fees vary between the membership classifications.
SubjectPublic Non-Member FeeNon-Voting Members FeeVoting Members FeeApplicable Note *
Shotgun Range 1$7.00 per/round Plus $2.00 Daily Use Fee$5.00 per/round$5.00 per/round1, 2, 3
Public Ranges 3 & 4$16.00$5.00$3.004
Ranges 2, 5, 7, 9 ~12$16.00$14.00$5.004
Range 6$21.00$19.00$10.004
Range 8$18.00$16.00$7.004,5
Membership ApplicationNANA$100.006,7
Annual Membership DuesNA$135.00$160.007,8
Retail Merchandise PriceRetail Shelf Price10% discount15% discount

* Notes To Fee Schedule

  1. Individuals under the age of 18 receive a $1.00 discount per round at Range 1.
  2. A round of trap, skeet, or 5-Stand includes 25 clay targets.
  3. The fee for double trap is $10 per round providing 50 targets.
  4. The fee for active military personnel and Non-Members under the age of 18 is 50% of the posted fee.  There is no fee for Junior Members.
  5. The fee includes $2.00 for steel replacement at Diamond Dick's Cowboy Town.
  6. The Application fee is effective on and after January 1, 2018.  The fee for Non-Voting Member applicants who have never been an FSC member, is prorated based on the number of months remaining in the membership year, but not less than 50% of the annual dues.
  7. The fee for Non-Voting Members of age 60 is $75.  The fee for Voting Members of age 60 or more is $85.
  8. Voting Members may earn a Membership Fee Reduction by completing a Range Improvement Project according to FSC Procedure #2.  Advanced approval by the Operations Manager is required.  A Range Improvement Project requires 10 hours of work per year, except that projects by Voting Members who are age 60 or more require 5 hours of work per year.

General Notes

  1. See FSC Procedure #9 for requirements and conditions applicable to each specific range.
  2. Additional range fees are not required when changing ranges except when moving to a range with a higher fee, or at the Shotgun Range where fees apply on a per round of clay targets.

Membership Information

There are 2 main classes of FSC memberships: Voting and Non-Voting Membership.  Members of a Voting or Non-Voting member's immediate family may be associate and/or junior members at no additional cost.  Voting members have access to all 12 FSC ranges (with applicable orientation), may vote on FSC matters, and have additional benefits.  Non-Voting members may not vote on FSC matters, and may use the public ranges but not the competition ranges unless in the company of a Voting Member, or as a participant in a match or similar event that is open to the public.

How to Become a Member: Click on the Membership Information link that describes the membership requirements and benefits of each membership.

FSC Documents

Bylaws as of 4/26/2017.
Procedures as of 10/25/2017.  The procedures implement the Bylaws and apply to the operation of the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center, elected members of the Board of Directors, its members, staff, the public and guests.  It governs the facility operations, elections, meetings, range use, safety, maintenance, facilities improvement projects and other subjects provided herein.