Membership & Range Fees

Public Ranges:

  • Rifle - 300 yard, 11 positions shaded
  • Rifle - 100 yard, 52 positions covered
  • Pistol - 50 yard, 24 positions covered
  • Rim Fire (.22 caliber) - reactive target range, 8 positions covered
  • Shotgun - 4 Trap, 2 Skeet, 5 Stand Sporting Clays

Range Map
For more information about each range click the range map.

Member Ranges:

  • Action Pistol
  • Pistol Silhouette
  • 100 Meter Rifle
  • 1000 Yard Rifle
  • NRA
  • Rifle Silhouette
  • 200 Yard Rifle

Member Range Rental and Use Policy

Range Prices

Rifle & PistolVoting MembersNon-Voting MembersNon-Members
Rifle and Pistol$3.00$5.00$16.00
300 Yard Rifle$3.00$5.00$16.00
Competition Ranges$5.00$14.00*$16.00*

ShotgunVoting MembersNon-Voting MembersNon-Members
Shotgun$5.00 per/round$5.00 per/round$7.00 per/round + $2.00 day use fee

The SCTP Youth Shooters will receive a $1.00 discount per round of shooting at the Shotgun Range.
Shotgun fees allocate $1.00 per round from members and charge non-members $2.00 per day for shotgun range improvement, including the replacement of clay throwing machines.
NOTE: Additional range fees are not required when changing ranges except when moving to a range with a higher fee. This does not apply to the Shotgun Ranges which are on a per round basis.
There is an additional $5.00 steel fee for the High Power Rifle Silhouette and Big Bore Pistol Silhouette ranges.
*Non-Voting Members and Non-Members on the competition ranges must be accompanied as a guest of Voting Members or at an event open to the public.

Membership Information

There are 2 main classes of membership: Voting and Non-Voting Membership.

Voting Membership: Voting Memberships are limited to 1911. Voting Members have access to all available range facilities, with successful completion of an orientation if required for a specific area. Voting Members can reduce their dues by providing volunteer work at the range prior to the next member year. Regular Voting Members must complete 10 hours per year, and Senior Voting Members must complete 5 hours to qualify for the discounted dues. See the Operations Manager for details. Daily shooting fee is $3.00 for the public ranges and $5.00 for the competition ranges. Voting Members also receive a 15% discount on merchandise in our store.

  • Regular Voting Membership (below 60 years of age) - $150.00 (Jan 1 - Dec 31)
  • Senior Voting Membership (60 years of age and above) - $75.00 (Jan 1 - Dec 31)

Non-Voting Membership: Non-Voting Members have reduced cost access to the public ranges 7 days a week. Non-Voting Members may have access to private range facilities as a guest of a Voting Member or as part of a club match or other event open to the public. Daily Shooting fee is $5.00 for the public ranges. Non-Voting Members also receive a 7.5% discount on merchandise in our store.

  • Regular Non-Voting Membership (below 60 years of age) - $125.00 (Jan 1 - Dec 31)
  • Senior Non-Voting Membership (60 years of age and above) - $65.00 (Jan 1 - Dec 31)

How to Become a Voting Member: The first step to becoming a Voting Member is to review the 2 documents below. If you have any questions you can contact the Membership Committee or attend one of our board meetings.

FSC Bylaws Document

Please download your copy of the latest Bylaws.