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Dear Folsom Shooting Club Member:

The times, they are a changin'. We are slowly beginning to win our rights back in California. The DOJ recently admitted in court that Bullet Buttons are in fact a legal way for us to possess and use AR and AK type rifles, essentially nullifying the "assault weapons" ban.

It was commonly known that Sacramento was a no issue county for the past couple of decades. Today that is no longer the case. Sacramento County residents that have a clean criminal history can now obtain CCW permits with nothing more than "self-defense" as good cause. It is this fact that prompts me to write today.

We will be seeing many more members finally able to exercise their God given right to defense of self and family. The Club offers high quality training that is acceptable for permits issued in all surrounding counties, including Sacramento. Regardless of the law the responsible CCW permit holder will seek training and constant practice to maintain proficiency and ensure they remain within the law at all times.

It's inevitable that someone at some point in the future will find themselves in the unenviable position of having to use their handgun in self-defense. This being California the result will very likely be a lawsuit, no matter how clean the reaction was. Unless you are employed by a government agency you will be paying a legal bill that starts at $10,000 and just goes up from there. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to pay that out of pocket, but if you are like me that is a huge chunk of change.

There has to be an option to help you cover that exposure and save your house, retirement savings and the kids' college fund, right? I thought so too and started doing some research. For the record I have not purchased any of these things yet, and I have nothing to gain from any of them. I also don't endorse any of them, you need to check them out for yourself and see what makes sense for you and your family. Here, in no particular order, is what I have found:

NRA Self Defense coverage. Pays out up to $250,000 for criminal and civil trial expenses, but only AFTER you are found not guilty. Bail bond coverage is not known. Annual cost is $254, must purchase Excess Personal Liability policy. United States Concealed Carry Assn. This is a bit unique. Members do not own the policy, but they do have access to its benefits. Maximum benefit is $300,000 civil liability, $75,000 criminal liability plus a $75,000 criminal defense grant. About $300 per year, but also comes with access to USCCA magazines, forum and other member benefits.

Armed Citizens Defense Network This is not insurance rather it provides access to funds for legal assistance and educational information. $86 per pear for one member gets access to $5000 or $10,000 in defense funding and advice for your attorney to properly structure your defense.

Umbrella Insurance Policy This is available to members with auto and home policies. Contact your insurance agent for details as limits and coverage vary widely by company. I have found that generally the coverage is one million dollars and covers incidents beyond just self-defense. Coverage is generally in addition to your auto and/or home policies. Prices are $400+ per year.

Carrying a concealed handgun is an incredibly personal choice, but one that can be a literal life saver. It goes far beyond tossing a gun in your holster and sauntering about town. Training, education, practice and insurance are all important parts of exercising your rights.

The time is now to get in line for your permit, Sacramento residents starting today can expect to wait until March of 2012 to simply submit their application. Years of pent up demand are not likely to go away soon, so get your appointment scheduled today. The process is laid out clearly on the Sheriff's web site at

Jim Bass